Sunday, January 20, 2008

A new web site, two new covers, and could I be any more excited? That would be a big no.

I received the covers for LOCAL GIRLS and RICH BOYS on Friday night and I couldn't stop looking at them (and not just because the guy in the orange shorts is easy on the eyes). I just love them - the colors, the tone, everthing. It made me even more psyched to finish RICH BOYS, which is due in exactly 10 days to my editor. It also makes me sad that I will have finished both books, but so glad to finally get a life that doesn't include having a laptop on my legs every waking moment. Still, it's so much fun to write about the Vineyard when it's 20 degrees out and my driveway seems to be in a perpetual state of snow.

But then the other night while I was writing I had an idea for the next book and was so thrilled. I LOVE the idea, which moves the series from Edgartown to Chilmark and includes Jessie's sister. Because even though this is a series, the main characters are never the same. So in LOCAL GIRLS Kendra and Mona are the main characters, but Kendra works with a girl named Shelby and in RICH BOYS the main character is Shelby's sister Winnie. See how that works?

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Little Willow said...

Congrats on the upcoming novels!