Monday, March 24, 2008

I feel so delinquent. Haven't blogged in a bit, mostly because I turned in the copy edits on RICH BOYS and I've been catching up on the life I've been ignoring since September, when I started writing LOCAL GIRLS. Speaking of which, the galley copy of LG arrived the other day and I couldn't help but think, "Darn, that was fast!" My editor wasn't kidding when she said they were on a tight deadline to get these books in and out. Now I'm just waiting for the page proofs of RB (where you see what the book looks like all laid out and attempt to fix any typos that still remain). Am already thinking about book #3 in the series, and can't wait to start writing it.
But before I jump into another book I'm going to try to enjoy some down time. Which is hard when the weekends seem to fill up with stuff and by Sunday night I'm still wondering why I didn't accomplish the 20 things I'd hoped to do (like paint the laundry room and do all sorts of things around the house that I'll probably never actually do).

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