Monday, May 12, 2008

I just want to cry. Put blonde hair on that poor woman sobbing in front of her computer, and that's me. For the third time in less than a year I've had a computer fail on me. Just a black screen. And after 40 minutes on the phone with technical service, my only option is to wipe out the entire hard drive and start over or bring the computer to someone to have the files taken off and then start over. I chose the latter. And I want to cry. For so many reasons.
One reason is that my emails will be wiped out. That means if you've asked to be put on the mailing list for news, I will lose your email address. So please, pleeeeze, if you've emailed me saying you enjoyed LUKE or PLAN B, send your email address again so I can put you on the mailing list. And this time I will write down, on a piece of paper, your email address. Because this computer thing is really beginning to suck. And I've lost my faith in hard drives.

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Anonymous said...

hey jenny, if you're having computer problems with your computer. I'd reccomend getting an Apple laptop. They're very reliable. You won't get viruses, they don't crash and they last a long time. Had ours for 3 years, no problems.