Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Behind the Pages of RICH BOYS: #4 and another Winner!

First of all, thanks to everyone who's entered the contest and written to me about the books. I'm glad you're enjoying them. Now, on to business - another winner! This week's winner of an Island Summer t-shirt is Kelly. Congrats!

Also, over on the Simon Says Website they'll be giving away t-shirts as well. As soon as I have the exact url and the contest begins, I'll pass it along. And Girls Life magazine just gave away a bunch of books - so much free stuff!

OK, RICH BOYS. Last fall I was driving on the highway and came upon a line of cars by the side of the road. As I got closer I also noticed a group of people, all clustered just off the road on the grass. I'll never forget what I saw as I passed, the image was so unexpected. And eerie. The people were gathered around a makeshift cross around which they were placing all sorts of items - flowers, sneakers, pictures, a basketball.

I've seen them before, these sort of memorials by the side of the road, commemorating someone whose life was lost in that very spot. I've never known anyone who's participated in this sort of memorial for someone they've lost, but whenever I see one it makes me pause imagining that right there before me is where someone tragically lost their life.

After seeing that scene on the highway it stayed with me, and that's why Winnie and Jay have a similar experience when they come upon a roadside memorial. It's eerie and tragic and yet somehow hopeful at the same time, hopeful that someone will continue to be remembered as they were long after they're gone, a way to celebrate their life and what they loved. And it just seemed that Winnie and Jay would have that experience together given what they're both going through.

Win a LOCAL GIRLS/RICH BOYS t-shirt that is so cool for summer. It's so easy:
1. email me at and put "contest" in the subject line
2. I will email you back (see I said it was easy)
3. When you receive my email forward it to as many friends as you want, but make sure you cc: me. This way I'll know that you passed it along.
4. As soon as I receive the email you've forwarded, you're entered!Want to have even more chances to win?
5. Have your friends forward the email on to their friends, but make sure you have them cc: me so you get credit (you'll be entered each time and they'll also be entered in the contest).

So, basically, email me, I'll email you back, you forward the email to your friends and the chain begins!

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