Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last week to win a t-shirt!

There are some things I came to late in life, things I either didn't like growing up or things I thought I wouldn't like. For instance, I never had whole wheat bread until I went to college - was a white bread girl. I never put cheese on my sandwiches either, now I love cheese on my sandwiches. And until two years ago I'd never had guacamole. It just looked so green and gross, how could it be good? Well, I started making my own and let me tell you, I make the best guac ever! And I could eat it every day, all day.

So usually when I'm writing my books I think about what my characters like to eat and what they don't like to eat. Actually, in RICH BOYS, Jesse picks apart her food into little pieces before eating it. My best friend in high school used to do this with sandwiches and it fascinated me. She still does it. So that's where Jesse gets it from. And you know what? I don't think she outgrows it either. Some things you never outgrow. Like prefering your chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, like Kendra in LOCAL GIRLS. My mom actually just called me to say that she was reading the book and totally recognized my favorite ice cream order - chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Which I had yesterday. Like I said, some things you never outgrow.

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jennifer rummel said...

Just got your books in for the library. I had to put them on hold and snag them first. they look great!