Friday, August 22, 2008

Amazing Feats... and Just Plain Gross

There are days when I have no idea that the Olympics are going on and others where I find myself watching some random event at 11:00 at night. Like synchronized high diving. Crazy stuff. They're up and down so fast I can't tell what the heck they're doing. The commentator is able to pick apart every little thing, though, like a lack of pointed toes or a splash that's "too big."

Really? A splash that's too big? They're diving into water and the goal is not to have a splash. Really.

Then I happened to catch something that wasn't an Olympic event but no less amazing - if completely gross. I watched a guy who was blindfolded lick a CD with his tongue and then tell the audience what CD it was - both the artist/band and the title of the album! He did this five times. It was disgusting and totally fascinating at the same time.

He actually licked the CD, rubbing his tongue all over it, and then declared, "It's X by Y."

How do you figure out that you're capable of doing that without just randomly licking a bunch of CDs. I can't imagine anyone is too psyched to share this guy's CD collection.

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