Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy (early) Holiday!

I am a HUGE fan of the holiday season. I had my Christmas cards ordered, addressed and ready to go in August. I've already finished drinking a gallon of egg nog and it's not even November yet (was so excited to see it in the grocery store, I think everyone around me in the dairy aisle heard my elated gasp). This weekend I was burning a candle with an aptly named scent Christmas Cookie. And this weekend when I stepped into two different stores and saw trees lit up and stocking and ornaments it was all I could do to keep from buying a 20 foot blow up snowman and planting him on my still-green front lawn.

So even though I hate that it's dark outside way too early and the heat is pumping through the house with no regard for the price of oil, I can almost bear it because I know in a few weeks I'll be singing holiday songs at the top of my voice while downing my sixth gallon of egg nog.

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