Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Need a Name!

I've starting writing my fifth teen book but I have a little problem. I need a name for my main character!! I have the rest of the character's names, but can't come up with one I like for the main girl!

So, help me! If you have a suggestion, let me know. But a few things:
- it can't start with C, J, L or T
- it can't be a name I used in another book (so no Vanessa, Taylor, Emily, etc.)

Other than that, I'm game. Send them along.

I'll let you know what I choose as soon as I choose it!


Natalie Hatch said...

Jenny I like grabbing a guys name and changing it slightly to become a girls one. Failing that, what does your heroine look like? There are definite names and looks that go along with them in most peoples minds. A Peggy would look different to a Margaret. Similarly a Brittny is way different to a Liana.
When I work out what my girl looks like I go to a baby name generator and put in her major character trait, as maybe a leader or courageous and I find a girl name based on that. Then I scroll through and see if those names fit. If they don't I go through the boys names and change them slightly instead. My current heroine is Lenni - couldn't find a girls name that meant courageous so I chose the boy alternative and that's what I came up with. hope this helps.

Ashley O said...

Erika, Daniela, Brooke, Genevieve , Krystal, Michaela, Alessandra, Natasha...

i'll think of more and let you know

Sara said...

Use my name, Sara!!! Especially if this is a new Island Summer novel, since I loved the first two so much I've given copies to two friends!! No "h" so it's different and it means "princess," so how can you go wrong? :-) If this isn't an Island Summer novel, are you going to write more of them? I can't wait!

BTW, why does it say this entry was posted by ""??

Ashley O said...

Marie, Violet, Lisa, Patti/Patricia, Autumn, Samantha, Elaine, Alana, Viktoria, Angelique, Evangeline Ashley =)

here are more names that i thought of. hope any of my suggestions are used