Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vote for a Name

OK, I've whittled it down to a few names I think fit the main character. Funnily enough, I couldn't come up with a name for her best friend, even though I do have a name for a girl who plays a very pivotal role in Main Character's life (that name is Julia). And now I know the best friend! Her name is Sabrina - Bree for short. She's very cool. I like Bree.

So, I've had a bunch of people suggest names for Main Character (who will hopefully have a name soon). The poll on the right has the final contenders - they all fit, so I can't go wrong. But be warned, even if one name wins over the others, I still may go for another.

So vote and let me know what you think - do these names conjur up any special pictures of ideas of what this girl is like?


Anonymous said...

Haley is just kind of meh to me. Caitlin gives me the idea of someone smart, maybe a goody two shoes. Liza, my favorite, seems spunky and cool. Not Trish!

Julia said...

I very much like the name choice JULIA.
Signed, Julia (DeVillers)

Anonymous said...

Of the four, Haley and Liza are the two that I agree with. They both seem like girls who are energetic, happy, lively and fun. I'm not a fan of the name Caitiln, but that could be because I prefer similar names like Kailyn, or Caylee (Kayle?). I agree with another comment though that Caitlin seems smart or possibly shyer and quiet-er. Trish is a sort of bizarre name, and I don't like it but it seems like a Trish could be spunky and creative and original.

Other names I like are Ella, Avery, Brooke, Peyton and Sydney.

Ashley O said...

i like caitlin.

hailey would remind me of a girl in my math class: tall, blond, blue eyes, takes spanish, social, has a sense of humor...that's how i would see hailey.

Ashley O said...

i like brooke a lot,
too. i agree with Anonymous 2.