Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh, it's really beginning to feel like summer might actually get here! And the closer it gets it makes me think of school. And what I used to do when school was over. So, for the next few days you're going to hear about my summers. The old kind. When they were fun. And you didn't have to pay bills.

Summer between 7th & 8th grades
Went to figure skating camp - which I loved. Such a blast. Except when I woke up one morning covered in ants because my roommate had brought a bunch of candy with her and stored it next to our beds. The wall was literally a sheet of ants. So disgusting. And then I remember washing one of my skating outfits but not wanting to spend the extra 50 cents to dry it so I could buy an ice cream cone from the store next to the laundrymat. Then when I went to wear it the next day it totally smelled like mildew. So freaking gross. But except for those nasty experiences, a pretty great time. And I still love the smell of an ice rink.

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