Sunday, June 7, 2009

I read 5 books on vacation - all teen books, the oldest being from 1999, the latest a print proof for a book that hasn't even come out yet.

And some I loved, some I liked and some not so much. But you know what I hated the most? Blushing. Yes, I have never read so much about "flaming cheeks," "prickling cheeks," "red burning cheeks," blah, blah. I am so sick of characters being described by their ability to blush. Honestly, I can't think of a single person who I have witnessed blush to such an extent. Yet it seems to be the physical trait of choice for teen girls who are feeling flustered/embarassed/caught off guard/attracted to someone/stupid/inept, etc.

I hereby boycott all flaming cheeks in every book I write. I don't think I've ever blushed in my life. I've never seen my best friends blush, and believe me, they've had plenty to blush about. Enough with the blushing. I shall seek new innovative ways to physically demonstrate an emotion - or not.

To think that teen girls are simply a hotbed of cheeky blood vessels is to do them a supreme injustice to their emotional range.

NOTE: I just started to read a new book, main character "flushes" twice in the first 8 pages due to embarassment - does it never end?

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Anonymous said...

o then are you telling me that i just seem to break out with some red rash when im embarrassed? i mean sure they often over use it in books but u have no right to go around saying that girls dont blush. cause i blush when i get called on when i wasnt paying attention in class, or when i give an oral report, or when something embarrassing happens to me, or when a cute guy talks to me. it happens a lot and im not the only one. i see tons of girls and guys blushing over something that happened to them. i guess u and ur friends r just so perfect that u have never done anything remotely embarrassing.