Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friends Rock

Yesterday when I got the mail I found something odd. A card addressed to me from my best friend, who lives in Richmond, VA. It wasn't my birthday or any holiday, but I did just celebrate my anniversary, so I thought maybe she'd sent me an anniversary card, even though that would be a tad odd.

When I tore open my envelope and took out the card the first line read, "Jen, I've decided to revive the lost art of letter writing." There was no reason for the card (although I'll admit that one of my first thoughts was, 'did I do something wrong and this is how she's telling me?'). The content of the card was basic stuff, what's going on, how she was getting over strep throat. I already knew most of what she told me. We email each other about 3 times a day. It was nothing she couldn't have said in an email. But I love that she sent me a card. Same stuff inside, but totally different from getting an email.

And the front of the card: Two old women talking with one of them asking the other, "Is it Butt Naked, or Buck Naked?"
I don't know the answer (I think I've said both) but I loved my card.

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