Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Making Up My Own Latin

Went to my 20th college reunion this weekend, had so much fun. Marched in the Ivy Day parade with my friends and my daughter. Everyone sang Gaudemus igitur, which we always did at college events. My daughter takes latin and turned to me and said, "The title of this song means 'Let's Party,' why are they singing it so slow and depressing?"

I never took Latin. I had no idea what the heck we were singing about. It just sounded very collegiate. And I always sort of made up my own words, anyway. Turns out, the title means 'Let's Rejoice,' but I guess party/rejoice are similar.

I looked up the lyrics. The first part goes like this (but in Latin):
Let us rejoice therefore
While we are young.
After a pleasant youth
After a troubling old age
The earth will have us.

Jeez. That's totally depressing. Is it wrong that in my head I always think Guadeamus igitur sounds like Guido is an ignoramus and I sing it as such? Makes it way less depressing and a lot more fun. And there's usually so many other people singing no one can hear what words I'm singing anyway.

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