Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's done! RICH BOYS is officially in my editor's hands, revisions and all. Here's some math around the completion of the book:

20,000 - words added to the book since Friday.
154 - days until LOCAL GIRLS and RICH BOYS come out (6/24/08)
36 - hours spent at my laptop on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
10 - number of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies consumed Saturday night
(I had the mix in the cabinet and decided to take a brief break to add a little water, an egg,
and pop them into the oven).
7 - number of weeks to write and revise RICH BOYS.
3 - number of migrane pills taken in the past three days.
1 - email from editor asking if she'd get the revised manuscript on time.
0 - number of words left to write!

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