Monday, February 18, 2008

My friend Paula Chase Hyman has a new book out. In, DON'T GET IT TWISTED, the sequel to her debut, SO NOT THE DRAMA, Paula gives readers a peek into the Del Rio Bay clique’s foray into dating, while also dipping her toe into the issue of student athletics and cheating.

DON'T GET IT TWISTED finds Mina scheming to go on a date with her crush, Craig, to The Frenzy, a coveted party thrown by the school’s football team. As she draws her friends into the plans, a newcomer throws an unexpected monkey wrench into her blossoming relationship with Craig. The same newcomer has JZ sweating his spot on the Varsity basketball team and soon, both Mina and JZ are on the ‘by any means necessary’ road to trouble.

DON'T GET IT TWISTED is about the consequences and repercussions of the choices we make when we set out to get the things we really want.

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