Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Contest! A chain reaction - and Free T-shirts!

So the t-shirts are ordered and the contest begins June 6. It could not be any easier to win - no scratch tickets, no answering obscure questions - you don't even have to read LOCAL GIRLS or RICH BOYS to win this one! All you have to do is:

1. Visit this blog on June 6
2. Copy the content of the blog and send it to friends and cc: me at jenny(@)jennyoconnell.com
3. For every friend you send it to, you get one entry in the contest (which is why I also have to receive the email, so I know how many times to enter you).
4. And, when you send the email, make sure to tell your friends to include you and me in the cc: section when they send it to their friends. Because....
5. For every friend they forward it to, you get credit, too! So, depending on how long your chain goes on, you could be entered a ton of times.

Could it be any easier? I just think of it as a cyber email chain with a free t-shirt at the end for the three people who create the longest chain.

So, see you June 6!

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