Monday, May 26, 2008

Beginning TWILIGHT

We've had the most gorgeous weekend! Lots of sitting outside in the sun and relaxing. Yesterday my best friend's daughter brought me over TWILIGHT. I bought her ECLIPSE for Christmas and she loved it. Now it was her turn to turn me on to Stephanie Meyer's books.

So today I cracked open its very hefty spine and started reading. I'm usually a fan of books about regular people, just normal every day girls living their normal every day lives and all the drama that comes along with it. I've never really enjoyed fantasy or mystery or the like. Wasn't sure what I'd think of a book with vampires. But so far I'm really enjoying Bella. And Edward.

And luckily, every time I get antsy to know an answer before I get to it in the story, I just ask Lauren and she fills me in. I have so many questions! So far she's willing to answer every question I have instead of telling me to just keep reading. The answers just make me want to keep reading even more.

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