Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Island Summer Series - Contest Time!!!

I can't believe that in about a month the Island Summer Series will be out! The official date for LOCAL GIRLS and RICH BOYS is June 24, but it seems like the books always land in stores and on-line sooner than that, so I'll have my eye out.

An because the launch of the series is just around the corner, I've decided to do something fun. A contest! I'll post more about it shortly, but it's very easy to enter, requires nothing more than a push of the send button on your email, and could win three lucky people an Island Summer t-shirt. The contest begins June 6. Check back for details.

Also, beginning June 6 I will be blogging every single day about the books, how I got my ideas (so many are based on real life), info about the places mentioned in the book (again, many are real), and just behind the scenes (or pages) stuff.

And, finally, I wanted to thank everyone who has written to me about THE BOOK OF LUKE and PLAN B, asking if there are sequels in the works (everyone seems to want to know what happens to Luke and Emily) and just saying how much they've enjoyed the books. I've appreciated every single email!

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