Monday, June 9, 2008

Behind the Pages of LOCAL GIRLS

LOCAL GIRLS begins with a skunk. A dead one. And there's a reason for that.

Whenever I smell skunk it reminds me of summer. Growing up in Connecticut there were plenty of skunks. In fact, I was sprayed by one. One night during the summer I was running around to the back of my boyfriend's house and startled a garbage-hunting skunk rattling around in some garbage cans.

I scared the skunk. The skunk sprayed me. I smelled like skunk. Badly.

When I got home later that night I removed my skunk-smelling clothes and put them out on the porch (knowing my mom would kill me if I put them in the house). The next morning when I woke up she said, "I think a skunk died under the porch." I had to tell her that it wasn't a skunk. It was me.

I love the smell of skunk because it reminds me of summer. And that's why LOCAL GIRLS begins with Kendra smelling a skunk and loving the smell as well. Kinda gross, maybe. Something that will always remind me of warm nights and hanging out with friends, absolutely.

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