Sunday, June 22, 2008

Behind the Pages of RICH BOYS: #3

Just received my first email from someone who finished LOCAL GIRLS and RICH BOYS this weekend. She read two books in 16 hours, doesn't seem fair that they took me 6 months to write and she's already done! The good news is that she said the loved them - and I'm going to believe her.

In RICH BOYS Winnie helps the kids at her camp build a sand castle for the annual South Beach Sand Castle contest. There really is an annual sand castle building contest on South Beach every year. I decided to put the contest in the book because lat summer we were on the Vineyard when the contest took place and my kids and my two best friends' kids competed. They came in third place and received a ribbon for their efforts. One ribbon for five kids. They proceeded to fight over it.

But in RICH BOYS it's not Winnie and the campers that build something great for the contest. What makes the contest for Winnie is that it shows her a side of Jay she only gets to glimpse every once in a while. And I love his reaction when Winnie calls him on it. That scene is one of th reasons I love Jay.

Win a LOCAL GIRLS/RICH BOYS t-shirt that is so cool for summer. It's so easy:

1. email me at and put "contest" in the subject line
2. I will email you back (see I said it was easy)
3. When you receive my email forward it to as many friends as you want, but make sure you cc: me. This way I'll know that you passed it along.
4. As soon as I receive the email you've forwarded, you're entered!Want to have even more chances to win?
5. Have your friends forward the email on to their friends, but make sure you have them cc: me so you get credit (you'll be entered each time and they'll also be entered in the contest).

So, basically, email me, I'll email you back, you forward the email to your friends and the chain begins!

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