Friday, June 20, 2008

Behind the Pages of RICH BOYS: #2

Kendra and Henry go on the Edgartown ghost tour in LOCAL GIRLS, but in RICH BOYS something from the tour comes up again. This time it just so happens that Jay's house is next door to one of the stops on tour - and it really exists. And so do the gravestones in the front yard. But there are no ghosts in either story, unless you count the mystery of Mona's father's identity in LOCAL GIRLS and Winnie's unanswered questions about Jay's dark side in RICH BOYS.

In RICH BOYS, Winnie's best friend Jessie is a tennis star (well, star may be an exageration, but she's really, really good). And so, to train for the upcoming season Jessie decides to run the Chilmark Road Race with her boyfriend, Nash. I've never run the race through Chilmark, but it's supposed to be very hilly and quite grueling. But this year I decided to change that, so my best friend and I will be on the island August 9th to run the 5k, just like Jessie. Although I may end up wishing I was more like Winnie, waiting at the finish line with a cup of Gatorade instead.

Win a LOCAL GIRLS/RICH BOYS t-shirt that is so cool for summer. It's so easy:
1. email me at and put "contest" in the subject line
2. I will email you back (see I said it was easy)
3. When you receive my email forward it to as many friends as you want, but make sure you cc: me. This way I'll know that you passed it along.
4. As soon as I receive the email you've forwarded, you're entered!Want to have even more chances to win?
5. Have your friends forward the email on to their friends, but make sure you have them cc: me so you get credit (you'll be entered each time and they'll also be entered in the contest).

So, basically, email me, I'll email you back, you forward the email to your friends and the chain begins!

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