Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Behind the Pages of RICH BOYS & First Contest Winner!!

I decided that I'd give away the first Island Summer t-shirt this week to the reader who has forwarded the most emails so far. So (drum roll please...) this week's winner is Kaitlyn G. Congratulations, Kaitlyn!!

I thought it was time to talk about RICH BOYS. In the book Winnie works at the Oceanview Inn, which overlooks South Beach. While there isn't an Oceanview Inn in that spot in real life, there is a resort near by that inspired what became the Oceanview. And it's just as beautiful. But I've never stayed at the resort, just eaten dinner in its beautiful restaurant.

Winnie works at the daycamp for guests' kids, which she thinks is a pretty simple, uncomplicated job. Needless to say, her summer becomes more complicated than she ever imagines when she takes on an afternoon job babysitting for the Barclay family. But that's for next time, when I'll talk about the dead body in the Barclay's neighbor's yard. And yes, there really is a body there in real life (see, that ghost tour really came in handy).

Win a LOCAL GIRLS/RICH BOYS t-shirt that is so cool for summer. It's so easy:

1. email me at jenny@jennyoconnell.com and put "contest" in the subject line

2. I will email you back (see I said it was easy)

3. When you receive my email forward it to as many friends as you want, but make sure you cc: me. This way I'll know that you passed it along.

4. As soon as I receive the email you've forwarded, you're entered!Want to have even more chances to win?

5. Have your friends forward the email on to their friends, but make sure you have them cc: me so you get credit (you'll be entered each time and they'll also be entered in the contest).

So, basically, email me, I'll email you back, you forward the email to your friends and the chain begins!

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