Saturday, June 14, 2008

Behind the Pages of LOCAL GIRLS: #3

Ghosts. Not a big fan. I remember in fourth grade our librarian was reading us "real" ghost stories and everyone was loving them - I sat there with my hands over my ears. I just never liked the idea of being haunted by dead people.

But in LOCAL GIRLS there are ghosts. Or at least a ghost tour. Last summer I went on the Edgartown ghost tour and loved it, loved hearing about the sightings in old homes, who was haunting what in a place that has such a rich history. So I decided that Kendra and Henry would tag along on the tour, too. Of course, something happens on the tour that scares Kendra way more than a hazy image of a dead person, and it sets off a series of events that gets Kendra into a situation that she can't quite figure how to get out of.

So, yes, there really is a ghost tour of Edgartown. And that's why it's in the book. But I didn't include any ghosts, because the land of the living is dramatic enough.

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