Monday, September 22, 2008

I don't drink coffee. I've never even had a sip of coffee in my life. I hate coffee candy and coffee ice cream. And if coffee ice cream can't entice me, I can't imagine a cup of steaming liquid could be better than high calorie dessert. Still, I love, love, love the smell of coffee. It's delish. So even though I've never enjoyed a latte, Linda Gerber's new book sure smells good!

Following on the heels of this summer’s killer YA mystery, DEATH BY BIKINI, DEATH BY LATTE is a modern-day romantic mystery/suspense.

DEATH BY LATTE Aphra Connolly, who had been living a quiet existence on her father’s secluded island resort, until Seth Mulo turns up and steals her heart… and provides information that leads her to find her mom in Seattle. But the reunion isn’t quite what she expected. Aphra’s mom, Natalie, doesn’t seem happy to see Aphra, and Natalie’s boyfriend, Joe, insists that Aphra go home. Even worse, Seth shows up, only to ask her to return the ring he had given her that summer. At least Natalie’s good-looking neighbor is sympathetic. But when Joe is found dead at a nearby coffee shop, Aphra discovers her whole trip to Seattle has been based on a lie. And now someone just might be trying to kill her.

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jennifer rummel said...

waiting waiting waiting for this book to come out. and i'm with you on coffee = gross