Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hope You're Not Hungry

We have a saying in our house. You come to the O'Connell's for the company, not the food. Exhibit A: the photo to the left. That's grilled chicken. Of course, it's been on there for 3 hours. And we didn't end up eating it.
You see, in our house, we forget we're cooking. We start something, say a pot of rice on the stove or three chicken breasts on the grill, and then we move on to something else until either the fire alarm goes off or we smell something so rancid it could only be that day's dinner.
Once we remembered we had Pillsbury dough in the oven but hadn't actually turned the oven on. So three days later we found six uncooked crescent rolls shriveled up on a baking sheet.
Obviously we're not big foodies in our house. And obviously we prefer things that work best unheated and that can be consumed immediately. Just ask our cat, who has become so used to the fire alarm going off she's begun to think it's actually the kitchen timer.

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Ashley O said...

thats interesting... i love to cook. i mainly follow recipes, because my food imagination isn't that great