Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's really starting to get cold out, and that means only one thing.... time to put flannel sheets on the bed! I LOVE flannel sheets. Don't know how anyone sleeps without them in the winter.

I remember when I was younger I got an electric blanket for Christmas (I've always been someone who's cold). There were wires in the blanket, people! Real live wires attached to a control and a plug into the wall. Oddly, the thought of being wired to an electrical outlet didn't faze me. I just loved being all warm and snuggly (although waking up after several hours of the blanket being on 10 was like being a blueberry muffin baking all night).

No electric blanket now. I've got flannel.

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Ashley O said...

loved the way you described the electric blanket.