Thursday, December 18, 2008

We Have a Name!!

Yes, we do. And it's... Haley. Spelled like that, not Hailey, because I think this character is just like that.

I've always liked the name, and from the beginning that was my favorite.

So now we have Haley, the main character.
Julia, the girl who isn't really in the book but is a major part of the story.
Sabrina, Haley's best friend.

I had a name for the guy who plays a pivatol role (boy, the word "pivatol" looks very weird to me, but I checked and it's correct). But guess what? Totally forgot it!! It was so perfect for him. Am thinking that maybe (hopefully), it's in a notebook I've been writing stuff down in. Otherwise... well, I'm just going to try to think positive here.

You were all so helpful with the voting on the names. Thanks!!!
Now can you please remember what the heck the good guy's name was?

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