Friday, January 22, 2010

What Will You Be Writing in 2010?

That's a question I was asked recently and the answer is... hopefully, a book! I've been a slug for over a year now. After writing 2 books in 7 months I was burnt out and took a break. But the break is over (or my agent will kill me).

I loved this question because it has forced me to do what I needed to do - come up with a way to describe the book I'm working on. So here goes:

Unlike her high school classmates, Haley doesn’t let herself look forward to graduation or make plans for the future. An unexpected diagnosis two years ago changed everything, and now without a heart transplant her illness has put her on a time clock. But then a tragic accident gives Haley what she’s been waiting for and the chance to go back to being the girl she was before, complete with friends and a boyfriend who expect her to pick up where she left off, like nothing's happened.

Only it’s not that simple. Because now Haley’s keeping a secret that threatens to turn her world upside down and keep her from ever going back to normal. And as she finds herself growing closer to the one person who poses the greatest risk to exposing the truth, Haley has to figure out if she's willing to take the risk of losing the normal life she's craved, or make a choice that will change who she is forever.

Does that make any sense? I sure hope so!!

In addition to this book, I also hope to finish a middle grade book I've been writing with my son - RYAN PICKLER: BORN TO BE RAD, about a skateboarding, cheese-fearing fourth grader who is trying anything and everything to get to see his skateboarding hero.

And that's my year ahead!


Ashlyn said...

I like the plot a lot. I can't wait for the book to come out!

Anonymous said...

It sounds soooo good! I'm REALLY looking forward to reading it!

That middle school book sounds so adorable and I think it's so sweet that you're writing it with your son. :D

Ashlyn said...

I think it's really cool to see that you are going to be on the TRT Book Club Blog. I recently started following it and saw your name on the upcoming calendar.

Jenny said...

The TRT interview questions are so fun - and hard to answer!